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 Salem, Massachusetts 

Founded 1626

The Bewitching Seaport 


  Everything you wanted to know about Salem:

History, Facts, Photos, Witch Trials,

Puritans, Architecture


2017 Restaurant Guide

2017 Salem Guide


More Salem Information

Nathaniel Bowditch

●Elias Haskett Derby

●John Endicott

●Joseph Story

●Captain William Driver

●Puritan Names

Caroline Plummer

●Cleopatra’s Barge

●Chestnut Street 

●Samuel Mcintyre - Federalist Architect

●Caroline Emmerton

●Baker’s Island Twin Light Houses

●Oldest Pear Tree in America

●McIntire District - Architecture

●10 Downing Street - Salem’s Connection

●Pioneer Village


Five Centuries of

    Salem Architecture 

●Old Salem Photos

●Salem in photos today

●Salem Witch Trials:

     What happened

     The Victims (PDF)

     The Accusers

     The Judges (PDF)

     Other important people

     Spectral Evidence